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Pasco County Taxes & Spending Update

    Pasco County commissioners met about the 2024 spending plan with an income budget where the tax rate was unchanged. Because of area growth though there was an 11 – 25 million dollar increase projected for next year. These numbers are an early estimate from the property Appraisers office.

    There was also a long wish list from county departments, but Carballa was direct when he said few of the 145 proposals would likely make it into the budget, given other expenses and inflation.

    Recommendations by county staff included $8 million to finish the jail expansion, $7.7 million in pay raises for employees, $1.7 million for code compliance officers and $300,000 to build the new fields and facilities at the Wiregrass Ranch Sports Campus the county just took control over.

    Commissioners didn’t object to the proposal to keep the current property tax rate of 7.6076 mills, which amounts to a tax of $7.61 for every $1,000 of appraised taxable property. For the owner of a home valued at $200,000 after homestead exemption, the annual county property tax would be $1,522.

    No increases were proposed at this point for the fire tax or stormwater, but previously approved, multiyear increases in wastewater and solid waste would be implemented.

    Commissioners were concerned about several issues, including increases for United Way. United Way has asked Pasco to start to help with the cost of a 211 information line for $25,000. That service, which provides information on community resources, is based in Orlando and commissioners weren’t sure if that was worthwhile.

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