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Book Club Kits


Thinking of launching a book club with your friends? Explore the Library of Things at Pasco libraries, where book club kits are ready for checkout with your library card. Each kit includes up to 15 paperback books, a guideline card, and a clear tote for easy carrying.

What is a Book Club Kit?

A Book Club Kit provides a convenient solution for borrowing multiple copies of a book for your book club. Each kit is equipped with up to 15 paperback books, ensuring that everyone in the club has access to the same material. The kit also includes a clear plastic tote bag for easy transportation and a guideline card to facilitate smooth discussions. This resource offered by Pasco Libraries ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable book club experience for members.

What should I know about Book Club Kits?

Here are some key details to know about Book Club Kits: The Service Desk facilitates the pickup and return of these kits within an 8-week checkout period. It’s important to return all books together at once. The cardholder assumes responsibility for the kit contents and any replacement costs. If a book is missing or damaged, the replacement cost is $10 per book. For incomplete kits (missing most or all items), the replacement cost is $100 per kit. These guidelines ensure a smooth borrowing process and help maintain the integrity of the Book Club Kits at Pasco Libraries.

Who can check out a Book Club Kit?

Individuals holding a Pasco County Library Card in good standing are eligible to check out Book Club Kits. Each account can check out a maximum of 2 kits at a time.

Is there a fee to borrow a kit?

Borrowing Book Club Kits incurs no fee. However, a replacement cost may be applied for any damaged or missing item

How to request a book for a Book Club kit?

Begin by checking our catalog to determine if the desired book is available as a book club kit. If it is, proceed to place a hold request as you normally would. In the event that the book is not part of our existing collection, you can submit a Purchase Suggestion through your library account. When submitting, be sure to specify the book’s title and author, and include the phrase ‘for book club’ in your suggestion. If you need assistance with submitting a purchase suggestion, feel free to call your local branch.

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