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The Tampa Bay region has several regional electric companies. Duke Electric services Asturia.

Use the weblink to start your service. Start Home Service with Duke Electric

Here is what you will need:

  • New Address: You’ll need to provide the address where you’d like to start service. Please note, if you have any outstanding balances you will have to pay them in order to start service.
  • Date Of Service: You need to tell us when you’d like your new service to start at the location provided.
  • Identification: You’ll need to let us know your date of birth and social security number. We typically conduct a credit inquiry for new customers. Please remember to lift any credit or security freeze in order to complete your request.


All residential customers must establish credit before we connect electrical service. For new customers, we run a credit check at the time of application to determine whether a security deposit is required.

For existing customers, we will evaluate your payment history to determine whether a security deposit is required. If a security deposit or guarantor is required, we will contact you by email with additional instructions.

Deposits, when requested, protect our company and our customers from those who use electricity and then move without paying for it. Those losses affect all of our customers, so security deposits help us keep everyone’s costs down.

If you cannot provide the funds for a security deposit, we can assist you with making a payment arrangement.

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