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Natural Gas Service

Our community is serviced by Clearwater Gas. Gas is a safe, reliable, and environmentally-friendly energy source. Natural and propane gas continue to be the best value for your energy dollar. Compared to electricity, natural or propane gas appliances can cost less than half as much to operate. As a gas customer you’ll enjoy savings up to almost 50 percent on your heating, water heating, clothes drying and cooking costs. 

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If your home is already set‐up with natural gas, you will need to contact the city’s Utility Customer Service Department at (727) 562‐4600 to transfer the names on the existing natural gas account.

If your home is not set‐up with natural gas and you’re interested in natural gas service, you will need to contact our Gas Sales Department at (727) 562‐4980 to find out if your home is located near a natural gas main.

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On average, natural gas energy is somewhat cheaper to operate compared to electricity. It’s true; natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels, and it’s so reliable and comfortable that you may just forget that you’re doing something good for the environment (and your wallet too)! See A Cost Comparison Chart

Headquarters Mailing Address

Clearwater Gas System
777 Maple St.
Clearwater, Fla., 33755


Clearwater Gas System 777 Maple St. Clearwater, Fla., 33755

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